Staples, Blackpool

Due to the store’s location near to the sea, extensive corrosion had taken place to the vertical cladding due to salt in the air to a point where the cladding was breaking up and falling to the ground during high winds. All the cladding panels and flashings were removed and replaced with 0.7 gauge plastisol coated profiled cladding panels complete with all new sill flashings, self-drilling fixings and closure flashings. Repairs were also carried out to some of the steel purlins which were also suffering from the effects of the sea air.

Extensive roof works were also carried out at the same time. Giromax anti corrosion treatment was carried out to the end laps and over laps of the roof sheets, all the roof fixings were replaced with new self-drilling fixings complete with sealing washers, all new skylights were installed to complete a full cladding and roof refurbishment to the store.

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