Elite Roofing and Cladding specialise in all industrial and commercial roofing and cladding disciplines.


Whether you have issues with pitched roofs, flat roofs, skylights, gutters or vertical cladding, we have the experience and the expertise to carry out the work on your building to the highest standard. We can also offer a full insurance backed guarantee for peace of mind.


Following an enquiry, Elite Roofing and Cladding would initially carry out a free roof or cladding survey and advise you on the best solution for your building, tailored to your budget.


Typical roofing systems are:


A flat roof will typically be a built up felt roof system, an asphalt roof system or a single ply membrane covering.


The option for a tired felt roof or a problematic asphalt roof would be to install a two or three layer elastomeric built up felt roof system with a mineral felt cap sheet in green or tweed colour choice, offering a 10 or 20 year guarantee respectively.


Liquasil coating system is the preferred choice for a single ply membrane covering. Liquasil polymer silicon based coating system is the only product on the market with the coveted BBA approval certificate offering a 20-year manufacturer's guarantee.



Rose Roofing products


Building maintenance is very important to keep your building in good shape and help eliminate future issues.

Elite Roofing and Cladding carry out maintenance to all buildings and would be happy to set up a maintenance programme tailored to your needs, especially in high risk areas with over hanging trees and foliage. Regular maintenance is the key to protecting your business from costly damage and disruption.


Gutters and outlets get blocked with leaves and debris usually resulting in water entering the building, disrupting daily activities and in most cases damaging stock and/or valuable office equipment. Sometimes leaking gutter joints can also be very disruptive.


With gutter issues we recommend a thorough clean to gutters and outlets and carry out repairs to any defective leaking gutter joints. Should the offending gutter or gutters be in poor condition the options would be to coat the gutter with Liquasil, liquid gutter liner system, or install a Plygene plastic gutter liner or a steel membrane backed Unifold gutter system.


Gutterseal Liquid Gutter Lining

Giromax Gutter Repair


Unifold Gutter Lining System


Damaged or missing flashings and closures can easily be replaced with new brake pressed items of a matching profile and colour.


Corrivo Metal Roofing Fabrications


Rooflights discolour and delaminate over time. It is amazing how much natural light you can put back into a building with the removal and installation of new rooflights. Depending on the condition of the existing rooflights it may also be possible to clean them with a mild detergent and water followed by the application of a gel coating to preserve the glass fibre structure


Liquasil Glaze Protect

Filon Rooflights

Brett Martin Industrial Rooflights

Giromax Rooflight Repair


Vertical cladding usually suffers from vehicle damage, more so around loading bays where impact damage can be severe to the cladding, soffits, sills and closure flashings. We are able to remove all damaged cladding panels, soffit panels and associated closure flashings and replace with new profiled colour matched items. Another option would be to overclad the existing cladding with new profiled cladding sheets or strip off the existing cladding panels and install new profiled cladding panels complete with all new detailed soffit panels, drip sills and closure flashings.

Sometimes a building just requires a refresh, various specific cladding paints are available with many RAL colours to choose from.


Should you want to make your aged building look new and modern, Microrib composite panels are a good choice to transform the look of a building, various designs and colours can make an aged building look modern and new.


Old profiled metal roofs generally suffer from weathered defective fixings, problem skylights and end-lap/over-lap corrosion requiring corrective treatment.

Isolated remedial repairs can effectively be carried out successfully.


End-lap and over-lap corrosion to the roof sheets will need to be repaired using a specific coating system to eliminate further corrosion to a point where it becomes a major issue to deal with.


Some old metal roofs can look tired and degrade the appearance of your building. There are specific roof paints designed for the job to complete the appearance and make your roof watertight, alternatively an old metal roof can be replaced with a composite roof system or fitted with an oversheet roof system.


Asbestoseal Metal Roofs

Giromax Profiled Metal Roofing

Thomas Panels & Profiles


Many asbestos roofs are coming to or at the end of their usable working lifespan and in desperate need of repair or replacement.


Typically asbestos roofs can effectively be repaired where there are small cracks or leaking fixings.

Asbestoseal coating system is a very effective polymer silicon based coating system offering a 20-year manufacturer's guarantee. The whole roof can be coated in a standard grey colour or a colour of your choice at an additional cost.


Where the roof has deteriorated past economical repair, an option to consider would be to oversheet the existing asbestos roof with a metal built up roof system comprising of a metal liner sheet, grid bars, insulation up to current building regs and a single skin profiled metal roof top sheet to the colour of your choice.


A final option, preferable to some businesses, would be to completely strip off the old asbestos roof sheets and install a composite roof panel system, typically a Kingspan product with a thickness of 120mm PUR insulation.



Kingspan panels